Bucatini all'amatriciana

A classic of Roman cuisine.

This dish has been discussed to the point of exhaustion and has created real religious wars. I propose the "classic" recipe, which cannot be more classic. But if you want to experiment, you can take a cue from the references at the bottom of the page.
A tip: if the bacon and pecorino are of good quality, the dish will be good, more or less in any way you do it.

ingredients (2 people)

bucatini (or spaghetti): 200gr
pork jowl: 100gr
peeled tomatoes (or sauce): 250gr
pecorino: 70gr
extra virgin olive oil
white wine
chili pepper



Cut the bacon into cubes (or slices) and brown it in the oil, without browning it too much.
Deglaze with a little wine and very little vinegar.

Add the chopped peeled tomatoes and chili pepper.
Season with salt and cook for a few minutes.

Cook bucatini (to the tooth) and stir them in the pan with the sauce and pecorino.

Serve by sprinkling other pecorino cheese on top.

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